What Kind of Roofing Should I Put on My Home?

What Kind of Roofing Should I Put on My Home?

If you’re weighing up the cost of installing a new roof you may be concerned about aesthetics first and materials second. It’s entirely reasonable to be worried about how your roof will look when it’s done being placed but you’ll want to also focus on the material its made of. When you’re preparing for a new roofing installation or replacing an old one you’ll want to be cognizant of the different roofing materials that are available to you. There are different types of shingles: wood, asphalt, composite as well as different tiles: concrete, slate, clay. You’ll be weighing out variable such as the material’s weight, cost and how much it will take to get it all installed. Knowing the right way to go about getting your new roof installed also means understanding all the wording involved with roofing.

To better understand the differences in the way roofing is done, think of the wording you were familiarized with when purchasing your home. This probably included terms like “square foot” or ‘footage’. If you are thinking of your new root in those same terms you are just a little off base. If you speak with a roofing company odds are they are going to refer to your roof being installed by the square. A square for a roofer refers to a 10 ft X10 ft area of space. This may make you wonder what the pricing could be for your particular roof but before you scramble up a ladder and try to measure things yourself you’ll have to consider the other aspects that may change the price of your new roof.

What Kind of Roofing Should I Put on My Home?1

The type of materials you use will only really be a starting point. If you’re working to renovate an old room that means it will need to be torn away and you may even have structural elements that will need repairing. It can also depend on what kind of elements your roof has. Does include different peaks? Gables? Chimneys? Skylights? All of these factors can affect the final price. Taking a deeper look at materials cost you can single out while shingles or tiling would work best for you home. Asphalt shingling is one of the most common materials used when building a roof mainly because it’s so cheap. It also comes in a variety of colors. Asphalt and wood can both last about 25 years and are common materials used when roofing a home. You can get Asphalt for about $50 a ‘square’ and wood for around double that. If those materials don’t appeal to you-you can look over metal, slate and tile options. All three of these materials have their virtues of durability and aesthetics and have price tags reflecting that ($250-$800 a square). So choosing the one you like best may end up being a struggle between the bill and the beauty of those materials. Whatever you decide to be sure to get the right roofing company for the job. To learn more about California Roofing Pro check out our about us and our service area to see if we can help you with your roofing concerns.

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